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Update for 2014

It feels like I’ve not blogged in….forever! and yet it hasn’t even been two weeks. Time moves slowly and yet speeds along all at the same time. Sometimes my days feel like they are dragging and yet we are about halfway through the first month of 2014 and I feel as though I’m not sure where the time has gone. It’s a complicated thing…Sometime being at home is a lovely place to be and sometimes I get worried I’ll never leave. Not sure why this would be so, I’m only 24 and have much of my life to live still. This little bit of time spent again in my childhood bedroom will only be a small portion of a much larger and grander picture. I can’t help but think of where I would like to be – to go. Where will the next chapter in my life happen? It’s hard not to look to the future but I know there is great importance in keeping focused on the here and now. I won’t have any future to be proud of without work right now – every day – towards something I am only beginning to dream up.

I have been working on me daily though. Joined the local gym with my mother and have been there 3times a week. Plus I have begun my training for my next race – The April Fools Half Marathon – there is less then 12 weeks until the race. Also started doing yoga at home. My mom being completely awesome cleared a bunch of space in our spare room so I could do it in there ^_^

The year has just begun and I am excited to see where it will take me…and where I will take it:)

<3 Natasha <3

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Morrison Family – 2013 Winter Portraits

A little while before Christmas I got the chance to reconnect with a friend from high school – Amy! Over the last six and a half years since we graduated Amy and I have kept in contact non-directly through facebook – a comment here and there. Thinking back over the years I can truly say I noticed when she reached out – her words always brought a smile to my face. It’s a special thing when someone from your past makes note of how far you’ve come – it’s about the best way to really see where you were. We don’t always notice the changes ourselves while they happen slowly over time. But when they are brought to light by someone else it can make a huge impact on self esteem and the drive to keep moving forward – Amy has been one of the people who has made that difference in my life over the years:)and I am blessed she noticed and ever took the time to show me what she saw. [Thanks Amy!!!] So when Amy realized I has moved home [totally didn't realize she was living in the area again too!] she sent me a message and we got to talking. With the talking came an opportunity that I couldn’t say no to. I had a day free before leaving for Christmas and Amy’s family would all be back in Shuswap for the holidays.

So on a beautiful winter-wonderland day in Blind Bay I was welcomed into the Morrison home. I had a wonderful time photographing the family inside the home and outside in the snow [I liked this part best]


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2013 – The big & little that made the difference

I’m a day late! sorry:)

I recently put out a blog about my last 17 months. This time I just wanted to write down a few things…to remind myself of the special moments and stuff the blog with photos that make me feel all warm and fuzzy from the past year.

One year ago December 31st I was downtown Vancouver with a past coworker from Marks [Natasha is her name - funny right?] We were celebrating the new year coming…both excited about our current relationship possibilities. I would have sworn to you on that day I really thought I’d won the jackpot and stumbled onto someone special – something I didn’t think was possible while I still dealt with emotions about my past relationship. Anyways! it was a night of stories and dreaming – the future looked so extremely bright. It’s a funny thing about New Years Eve and New Years day [plus the days after]. Well to cut things short my big dreams of the boy didn’t work. I hadn’t thought about that particular night in so many months and it’s funny to remember it today.

Now looking at today – The future is still extremely bright. I started and completely a Diploma program from Vancouver Career College during 9.5 months of the last year. I moved into my own suite in Vancouver and stayed there for 8 months of the last year. I found the woman who will be my closest friend for the rest of my life during this year. I moved home. I decided to not just dream of my photography dream but to make it a goal and in turn a reality that I work towards daily. I climbed to the first peek of the Chief, visited the Vancouver aquarium & Science world. Drove to Whistler for my first time as an adult, went snow shoeing for my first time at Mount Seymour. Kissed in a fire truck[not technically in 2013 but only a few days off and as a hopeless romantic I must submit it too!]. I started wearing heels as regular footwear – not just when nothing else worked.

I fell in love with myself [not in a stuck-up way I promise].

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. There is a path before you, but you choose the trials you will face, and the trials you will overcome”

2014 is bright as I said and I am thrilled to be starting it off from home – the home I lived in for 8 years of my life – with my parents right beside me for support. Tomorrow morning I will wakeup in my childhood bedroom – I can only imagine where I might wake up January 1st, 2015 – the possibilities are endless – the dreams have already begun – I’m ready to put the work in.

Enjoy the photos! all from 2013.


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Cary & Chrissy – Winter Portraits

When I moved home in November I found myself with a very small number of people to see…the list was actually at one for a while and he was working away so it was a pretty terrible list! There was this one girl…Chrissy who I had gone to high school with – we shared the same 11th grade english class and even did a pretty big project together which meant a sleepover and home film being made [to say the least - it was an awesome project]. Well this past summer I came home for a very fast visit [Thursday afternoon to Saturday morning] as I said – very fast. As pieces fall as they should in life I somehow ran into Chrissy at the local park store and was talked into a night at the pub for karaoke. I moved away from the Shuswap when I was 19 and didn’t really begin drinking until after that so I’d actually never once even been to that pub :O Anyways, I went and enjoyed a couple very short hours hanging out with somehow I hadn’t seen in so very long – it was splendid. At the time I also met someone Chrissy knew – cue Cary. Cary drives the copper island shuttle service on the North Shore Friday/Saturday nights during the summer to keep people who have had a few drinks from driving home themselves When I met him it was easy to tell he was a great guy with a big heart. He was easy to talk to and though I never thought I’d see him again after that night I was a better person for having met him.

Back to when i moved home! It took a little while but finally Chrissy and I got in contact again and she invited me over for some baking – how in the world could I turn down fresh baking?? After we had been catching up for a bit she started to tell me about her new relationship – Cue Cary again!

Cary & Chrissy met through work – they both have jobs at the local Esso. They’ve known each other for sometime and were even roommates as friends. Towards the end of the summer Chrissy started realizing that she had feelings for him and while camping at Hyas Lake she spilled the beans during a late night – Cary was trying to get back to the tent and Chrissy was tired – not thinking and said she loved him. It was only in the morning that she realized it was true – she loved him in a way she never thought she could [I adore the cheesy factor here!]. For the first time in her life she was in love with a man who wasn’t related to her. Chrissy says that Cary makes her believe in forever – if marriage and all that isn’t apart of the deal she knows they will still be together forever. There is a quiet the age gap between the two – twenty-two years – and yet they can act like teenagers in love or an old couple thats been together for 50 years.

There relationship a testament to love knowing no-bounds. As I thought back in July that I was a better person for having met Cary – I am sure to be made a much better person for calling them both friends.



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Every puzzle only comes together when all the pieces are present


Over several years dating back to my high school days I have tried many times to start a blog. The starting was easy enough – speak on what I wished to say and tell everyone how very excited I was about the blog & how it was going to be great! [haha…] There was never a lack of passion in the beginning, “The beginning is fun & exciting – The middle sucks (it’s where everyone quits) – The finish is exhausting & invigorating”[Jamie Delaine]. There really isn’t an end to blogging if you do it well – it’s more like an endless middle – sort of. Since the middle is described more of a bad thing I suppose I hope my experience is more of a never-ending end – if that makes sense. I’m sure there will still be moments of exhaustion and not knowing what I can write next…having no desire for it. For the first time in all these years though I feel as though there is so much more hope. Blogging in the way I want to is not exactly easy – I want to bring words to life and make my readers – whoever they might be – believe what I am writing.

I was recently reading my favourite photographers blog [Jamie Delaine] and she made a comment about how she hasn’t blogged as much as she would like to so far this winter. She went on to say:

“I want my posts to feel “alive,” to re-read them and think, “yes! that was exactly what it felt like!” Writing takes time. Sorting through my thoughts, playing with my choice in words – it all takes time.” [Blog post can be found here]

Now, Jamie isn’t just the photographer I’ve learned to look up to but she has given me inspiration in blogging also. I find reading her writing has given me more hope for myself in this endeavour. Sorting through thoughts and ideas for blogs takes time and I’ve slowly been learning that if I am to keep myself consistent I need to plan ahead. Like a person wishing to run a marathon or lose 20lbs – planning ahead is key. So I have started using a new app on my computer – DayOne – With it I’ve been able to keep track of where I want to post blogs and it has made it easy to start compiling my thoughts ahead of time. It is amazing what a little or a lot of planning can do, especially when we follow through with the plans.

I just want to say to the world at large – There is always hope to follow your dreams no matter the years that might have passed. Sometimes it takes large life changing events and time but it can still become a realty. My big dream of making photography my career is not in my grasp yet but each day that I work towards it I get closer – or at least not further away. Blogging is only a small part of building on my consistency but every puzzle only comes together when all the pieces are in place:)

<3 Natasha <3

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December 27, 2013 - 6:39 pm

Derek - Looks like your blog is doing great.

January 3, 2014 - 4:57 pm

natasha - Omg Derek!!! Hiiii haha. Thank you ^_^