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It’s been over a year since I began my accelerated business program at VCC** and an entire 6 months + one week since I finished my practicum. Tomorrow afternoon I will be in a room packed full of other past student + their families and friends + The best prof ever(Bob) + My best friend in the entire world who I am so blessed to have with me. I’ve had to take some extra time off work this week in order to attend but the dip in my pay check will be worth it. I’m truly not sure if I will ever go back to school again so this might be my only college graduation and after sitting on that information for a few days I realized how important it would be not to miss this. Graduation days are something special. There is a feeling of ending and yet this massive overwhelming knowledge that it is only the beginning and it all can start right now. Yes, I have been out of the classroom for over 7 months and yes I have been working full time the last 7 weeks. BUT knowing that tomorrow I will be in that silly cap and gown and knowing that I’m going to be surrounded by others just like me and yet completely different than me. I just know there is going to be this feeling in the air. This understanding that I completed this, I finished it! I scraped through 8 months of classes 5 days a week…I had a *final* exam every 1-3 weeks. I worked many weeks 5 nights a week. I enjoyed myself and saw things in the city I had lived in for 3 years previous that I had never found the time for. I started something huge and I completed it, I really did. I am damn proud of that accomplishment. It gave me skills that I have used in my current job, it gave me the most amazing person ever. My best friend Amanda. That whole school thing gave me her! I am so unbelievably blessed for that chance.

So, yes, I am in the middle. I am working full time at a hotel…I am striving to better myself daily. I am making a point to smile and learn and work on my photography. To work on my relationships with others and myself. I am right in the thick of it but yet I am also at the beginning. At *a* beginning – another one. I’ve had countless over the course of my life but I just keep adding them on. I will be walking across the stage and as I do that I will know. – This is only the beginning – of a million things – of anything I dream – of all the dreams I turn into goals – of all the goals I write down – of all the the written notes that I tick off daily as I complete them – of me everyday working on me and my dreams – of everything I want for myself and for the ones I love and the ones I don’t even know. I love beginnings and I cannot wait to get started.

<3 Natasha <3



**Vancouver Career College – Not Community

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It was getting to about the middle of March and a family friend mentioned that there was a job fair being hosted at the local resort where she worked. Well I needed work! so perfect right? [this is usually where the story takes a turn for the worse] But it didn’t! I went in for the job fair and then had two separate interviews for two different positions and i got offered one! I started as a front desk agent at Quaaout Lodge in April [pretty sure it’s been just about 8 weeks now :O] I’ve learned so much and met so many amazing people, especially my coworkers who make work entertaining and exciting.

I work at this amazing location right on the shores of Little Shuswap Lake and I’ve been meaning to take some photos since I started. Finally I have! I went out on Tuesday in the bright sunshine and took a short stroll. I still have places I need to photograph [like the golf course? possibly]

But for now – here is a peak at this beautiful place in the Shuswap that I spend much of my time at now. And afterwards book your wedding here and hire me! [haha – I’m not kidding] It’s just simply beautiful ^_^ 


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There is such a beauty to be found within reading. As a child I would fall in love with it again and again. We had only dial-up at home but the slow speeds never stopped me from getting onto the libraries online database. I would order the books I wanted and they would be sent from other communities just for me – my mom would drive me to the local library because we lived too far for me to walk.  I loved the feeling and I would just get glued to books – I want to always have that feeling. To find myself in another place even if it’s still this earth.

For Christmas 2011 I received a wonderful present, a Kobo e-reader. They were a huge trend at the time and I was even more overjoyed to have gotten one with a purple back [my absolute favorite color!!]  I started adding books and buying books and finding free books. It was all very exciting. But after some time the excitement started going down as it happens with so many things. I found some joy in reading from the Kobo app on my phone for a while and even on my ipad when I got it for school in 2013. But something was missing in my reading and for months I couldn’t exactly figure out what. And then it all fit together – I was missing the feel of a paperback book in my hands. The ability to wrap the pages and hold something somehow more alive and more real than a tablet could ever be. I started falling in love with reading all over again after this realization. It was like this special new activity in my life I’d completely forgotten about. I now avoid books online at almost all costs, I have no interest in holding my ipad to read [it doesn’t help matters that I have no wifi at home so I can’t easily update it anyways!]

I now have a collection of books that I keep itching to expand … even though I struggle with finishing some of the books once I start as I get distracted with all the other books. #thestruggleisreal How do you ever choose which book to read??? and actually finish haha.

I am currently reading: The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living [which I have actually made a goal of finishing before the end of the month & it’s going well!

I just bought: The Body Book by Cameron Diaz [I love how it’s going to give me so much practical information about my body and how it works but in an enjoyable read which can be so hard to find when speaking on practical matters]

My hope for the world is that as many people can live many lives – within the stories told by others. That we can visit real and imagined places through someones words and our imagination.


<3 Natasha <3


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